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Re: Win32 Text Rendering

From: Christopher Armstrong
Subject: Re: Win32 Text Rendering
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 15:52:36 +1100


Sorry for the late reply, been busy with other stuff.
> Weird! Which back-end are you using? Win32? If so, I thought we were 
> going that in favor of cairo under win32. Has that not happened yet. As

Not as far as I can see in SVN. From what I can work out, there exists a
few patches to get it to compile, but there are "out of memory errors"
which sound like GDI resource leaks such as forgetting to call ReleaseDC
or some other "free handle" sort of function.
> for the sixteen-character spacing weirdness, I seem to *very* vaguely 
> recall Alexander Malmberg doing something pertaining to this in the art 
> back-end (but perhaps it was more generic, this was at least a few years 
> ago) pertaining to text and sixteen character blocks...but I don't know 
> why I remember might be worth your while to search the dev 
> mailing list archive for his name and/or sixteen/16 and see if you get 
> any pertinent info back.

As per Richard's suggestion, this has been fixed in the backend. I am
still experiencing problems with scrolling in a tableview, where the
text smears across a few pixels when you scroll. I end up having to
click on a row to get it to redraw correctly. This might have something
to do with the updated bounding box/glyph advancement metrics code in
the winlib backend. I'm using the Info Panel resource window as my

  Christopher Armstrong
  carmstrong ^^AT^ fastmail dOT com /Dot/ au

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