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Re: gnustep-make experiment

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: gnustep-make experiment
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 13:18:08 +0000

On 12 Feb 2007, at 17:05, Nicola Pero wrote:

Thanks ... good points.  I like the idea of doing it automatically
only if the user wants it, but I'm (personally) not too keen on having scripts
that try to talk to the user and that require attention.

Maybe we could just print a warning at the end of compilation, saying

"Important: you may need to run ldconfig for your installed libraries to work. Tip: If you want gnustep-make to do it automatically for you, please use the command
'make install ldconfig=yes'."

Then if you want gnustep-make to always do it for you (I will be one of those when I'm not testing crazy setups) you can just add ldconfig=yes to your environment ...

Well, a lot of people do like the question/answer 'wizard' approach, but I agree that it can be irritating for an expert.

Maybe we could have a new target 'make interactive' which would invoke the 'install' target and then go into the interactive mode to guide people through any setup operations like the ldconfig stuff or setting up startup/boot scripts to run daemons. Or maybe a separate interactive setup script, Or maybe we could re-use the facilities of some native installer/package manager to do the interactive stuff?

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