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Re: about RunLoop, joystick support and so on

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: about RunLoop, joystick support and so on
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 10:26:38 +0000

On 14 Feb 2007, at 16:56, Xavier Glattard wrote:

That's OK ... but there is no practical pressure to be able to use
the backend indepedently of the gui, so I don't think you *have* to
take that view.
I'm perfectly happy with avoiding calls from back to gui methods ...
but that does involve changing the interface to pass more information
in both directions,

Which one ?

The GSDisplayServer API is used for calls from the gui to the backend ... so it would be primarily this one, needing supply more parameters for some calls and perhaps return more information back in some calls. In addition, the backend provides information in the form of events in the event queue, and perhps some special events not defined in Openstep/Cocoa might need to be added to the event queue. I suppose the backend could provide notifications (NSNotification) if there is anything which needs to be sent out-of-band (ie not as an event in the event queue)

I think that would not involve so much changes. Calls from back to gui
are not so numerous, some are simply bad (most in the win32 backend, like the use of Notification from the AppKit; i saw a [window sendEvent: ev] ; some AppKit classes are 'categorized' to change methods!!), many others can be easily change to an other form (the use of an alert panel), and some other should be in the AppKit (window level management in the x11 backend (ignore under win32), getNextEventMatching because AppKit and user events should not be handle by the

The more i see the win32 backend, the more i think it needs a deep cleaning!

and since nobody (afaik) wants to use back standalone,

I do :-)
Well.. i would like.

there seems little to be gained by adding to the
interface rather than using existing gui api.

Some month ago I thought of a SDL backend. But such a backend would be
a subset of the official backend (only ONE window) : the full AppKit
would not run with a SDL backend. For instance i would have to write
my own SDLApplication class. But the official backend does need
NSApplication, and Panel, and Menu... So my SDLApplication would
not run with an offical backend!
At end, the work would never be compatible with GNUstep in any way.

Well, I doubt that anyone would complain if you wanted to clean-up the gui<->back interaction as long as you approached it incrementally (cleaning up a bit at a time), so that if anyone spotted a problem we could revert easily. Generally people are very willing to accept patches/improvements to GNUstep as long as they are not presented with big changes effecting lots of code in one patch (since such patches are very difficult to evaluate quickly).

Even if nobody else wants to use the backend the way you do, a cleanup/simplification would benefit everyone in future.

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