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Re: Shipping Windows binary applications

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Shipping Windows binary applications
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:16:51 +0000

On 28 Feb 2007, at 16:00, Nicola Pero wrote:

1. the alert panel asking you to set your 'Server Preferences' is very annoying and very unprofessional. I keep getting it any time I change something and it's horrid. :-(

I *think* it used to open the server preferences panel rather than pop up an alert panel ... not sure why that's happening. Also, it should only happen first time ... so if it keeps happening then there is a bug somewhere.

Obviously the default on Windows should be using the Windows taskbar and using Windows window

matter of opinion :-)

, with the 'WindowMaker' way of doing things being triggered only by advanced users who tweak their user defaults manually. Is it OK if I remove this panel and make the Windows
behaviour the default ? :-)

2. NSTask generates an alert (and crashes the program) saying it can't start './gdnc'. I imagine that path is used since gnustep-base.dll and gdnc.exe are in the same directory ? But then NSTask would interpret it relatively to the current directory, so it wouldn't find
'./gdnc' ?  Anyway, I guess I can fix that. :-)

I guess a bug has been introduced by recent changes ... it used to get the paths right. There was code (which definitely worked) in NSPathUtilities.m to map a path with a './' prefix to be relative to the location of the GNUstep.conf file.

3. gdnc.exe and gpbs.exe are quite annoying in general. When you have your standalone application on a USB flash disk, the app starts nicely, and it automatically starts gdnc.exe and gpbs.exe. Cool.

Unfortunately, when you quit the application, they keep running. If you now try removing the USB flash disk, Windows doesn't let you, because it can't unmount a flash disk from which programs are running. The average user would definitely be stuck at that point since you have no clue about which programs are running from the USB disk (they are not visible anywhere
that an average user can see).  Not sure how to fix the problem.

Well I suppose we could have an option to have them exit when nothing is connected to them... We probably should do that whenever one of them is launched automatically by an app.

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