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Developer Documentation Info

From: Marco (Bj) Bardelli
Subject: Developer Documentation Info
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 14:40:07 +0200
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Hi at all,
I have two questions ... Why , Documentation in core packages 
(make|base|gui|back) , is not
installed automatically ??
And, why the infos documentation also running 'make install' in Documentation 
die of each
packages, install the man|html|infos in dir under System domain but for the 
infos don't
install-info in /usr/share/info/ dir or other Directory info file ???
In Unix is enough standard dir info location ... (/usr/share/info or /usr/info 
... or
for unprivileged /usr/local ...)

My is only the question ... i could make a script that run install-info on 
files .info under
Documentation dir ... but is better integrate in GNUmakefile in Doc dirs ... or 
also in documentation.make.

Would be fantastic a menu :
* GNUstepBase
* ....

In info Emacs (C-h i) ...

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