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Re: Theming support for NSScroller

From: Günther Noack
Subject: Re: Theming support for NSScroller
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 10:25:30 +0200


I understand your point. On the other hand, I'd like to be able to create themes completely without additional pixmaps, so that drawing performance stays equal to a non-themed GNUstep. So images are not an option for me.

What about this solution:
NSScroller.m and NSScroller.h has a NSScrollerButtonCell and a NSScrollerKnobCell class which inherit from NSButtonCell. Overriding their drawRect:inView: methods would provide enough flexibility to allow both pixmap and programatic theming. Alternatively, these new cell classes could call specific GSTheme methods to let GSTheme draw. Something like -drawScrollerKnobInRect:highlighted: and - drawScrollerButtonInRect:highlighted:, possibly - drawScrollerKnobSlotInRect: (this can be called from -drawKnobSlot in NSScroller).

Best regards,

Am 05.10.2007 um 09:34 schrieb Fred Kiefer:
I am very much in favour of adding more theming to GNUstep, but I would
like to keep the theming down to display code and keep all the
functional logic in the original GNUstep code. Would it be sufficient
for you if the images used for the different buttons are themable?

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