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Re: Next GNUstep release

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Next GNUstep release
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 00:30:22 +0100
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Richard Frith-Macdonald wrote:
> On 21 Oct 2007, at 21:18, Fred Kiefer wrote:
>> I just had a look at some of the files in base and there the licence is
>> given as GNU Lesser General Public License, whereas gui still uses the
>> term GNU Library General Public License. Shouldn't this be changed as
>> well? Looks like I have to do more than just replace a number :-(
> Yes, it should be changed ...  I updated base where it still said
> 'Library' because that was actually wrong even with version 2 as the
> change from Library to Lesser was made some years ago.  Hopefully I got
> all occurrences in base.

Done (or at least I hope so).

gui and back are now ready for the next release. The license version has
now been changed for all files with FSF copyright assignment, I did not
touch the other files.
I also added some release information for the upcoming release. Who is
going to handle the actual release process and what should happen to
make? As far as I remember there was only one tiny issue fixed in make.
The only reason for a release would be the license switch.


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