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Re: New icns loading code

From: Mathew Eis
Subject: Re: New icns loading code
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 12:36:59 -0700

Hi all,

Just to clarify, libicns is currently already licensed as LGPLv2.1
(See the individual GPL summary in each source file) - the other, and
only parts that are GPLv2 or GPLv2+ only are the utility programs,
icns2png, png2icns, etc. (I may not be able to get these changed; will
that be a problem?) So, I think we are 90% there already. (On which
note, is there something in the documentation that indicated the
library was not LGPL?)

There should be no problem adding the "or later" clause. Is there some
reason to move backwards to the LGPLv2.0 (with the later clause)? My
understanding is that there is little difference between the 2.0 and
2.1 versions as far as overall GPL compatability.

Take care,

-Mathew Eis

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 12:35 PM, Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> switching to LGPL would be great. For now version 3 is not perfectly
> usable for GNUstep applications. Some of the more important GNUstep
> applications are still on GPL2 and this is not compatible with LGPL3.
> Only for that reason does GNUstep still use LGPL2 or later.
> If you could use "LGPL2 or later" as well, we would have a perfect fit here.
> Cheers
> Fred
> PS: Thank you for your great library!
> Gregory John Casamento wrote:
>> Hi Matt,
>> It's good to hear from you! :)   Yes, I think we would like to discuss
>> this.
>> Later, GC
>> Gregory Casamento -- Principal Consultant - OLC, Inc
>> # GNUstep Chief Maintainer
>> ----- Original Message ----
>> From: Mathew Eis <address@hidden>
>> To: address@hidden
>> Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 10:00:19 PM
>> Subject: Re: New icns loading code
>> Hi,
>> I just came across your message on the list... I am the primary
>> developer of the libicns code, and also the projects current
>> maintainer.
>> I would hate for you to have to re-do so much work with the icns loading.
>> Would it help if we changed the library's licensing to the LGPLv3?
>> Please CC me in your reply, I am not part of the GnuStep Dev list.
>> -Mathew Eis
>> -snip-
>>> Why not just use libicns?
>>> It is published with the GPL 2 licence, which may not be suitable for
>> some projects using GNUstep.
>> -/snip-

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