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GNUstep on 64 bit Windows

From: Roland Schwingel
Subject: GNUstep on 64 bit Windows
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 10:58:40 +0200
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As some might know, we are using GNUstep base intensively on windows.
We are currently in the phase of porting our code to 64bit. So GNUstep base
must also run in 64 bit on windows. After some studying of the code (GNUstep base 1.16.3) we already have seen a bunch of areas where changes have to be made also in core

So we want to contribute back all needed patches to this list in different waves. As we are in the early starting phase doing this, I yet cannot tell the exact
schedule but it will definitely happen soon (within in the next weeks).

As we do not use anything else than GNUstep base and GNUstep objc we can
only supply patches for these parts.

So... Some might ask how we want to do that, using which compiler?
Since quite a while a colleague of mine is doing the gcc 4.3 (and up) port of
gcc and binutils. The toolchain is mostly finished and is publically
available for a while now. All changes/extensions he made are
already contributed back upstream to gcc/binutils and other assorted code/projects.

If someone else also wants to work on porting GNUstep to 64bit windows, we have set up a sourceforge project for the toolchain ( where it can be downloaded. This toolchain supports both 32bit and 64bit windows and is already in use by other projects for a while now eg. VLC, ffmpeg, mediaplayer classic, mozilla, reactos, wine...

Is there some preference on your side, how we should organize our patches and the
communication with you, as the changes might cover a wider range of code ?

Thanks in advance,

i.A. Roland Schwingel

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