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Re: NSPropertyListSerialization fails with OpenStepFormat on OSX

From: David Wetzel
Subject: Re: NSPropertyListSerialization fails with OpenStepFormat on OSX
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 22:07:43 +0100

> David Wetzel wrote:

> > add [+NSPropertyListSerialization 
> > dataFromPropertyList:format:errorDescription:] 
> > to base-additions, call the Apple implementation if format != 
> > NSPropertyListOpenStepFormat
> > if code runs on Apple.

> What I cannot understand is your proposed solution to this problem. We
> should replace the method in the GNUstep extensions, but still call the
> Apple version of the same method in some cases? There may be way to do
> this, but this is clearly a dangerous proposal.

Why? It will do the same like on a GNUstep or OPENSTEP system.

> Wouldn't it be easier to just convert property lists written on new Macs
> to be used on old installations of EOModeler? GNUstep should be able to
> do that conversion.

I want to run on OSX and read + write .eomodeld files in a format 
all original 
EOModelers understand. Otherwise DBModeler is useless.

David Wetzel

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