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Re: Error compiling libobjc2 - unwind.h not found

From: Matt Rice
Subject: Re: Error compiling libobjc2 - unwind.h not found
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2009 07:52:44 -0700

On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 7:30 AM, David Chisnall <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> It's a private GCC header which, unfortunately, varies a little bit between
> platforms.  I'm a bit surprised it isn't found for you; it has been on all
> of the platforms that I've tried so far, but in some uleb128 is defined and
> in others it isn't.  I plan on removing this dependency soon, because the
> unwind headers just contain copies of the functions from the ABI
> specification (which doesn't seem to stop the FSF from slapping a GPL header
> on them).

Yeah, i thought it referred to that unwind.h,
the use of "unwind.h" made me wonder though, why not <unwind.h>?

all of the 'list of files' links i've followed from those contain the header.

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