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Fwd: Window manager interaction

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Fwd: Window manager interaction
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 07:41:09 +0100

Begin forwarded message:

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden>
Date: 16 October 2009 07:29:59 GMT+01:00
To: Philippe Roussel <address@hidden>
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Window manager interaction

On 15 Oct 2009, at 21:34, Philippe Roussel wrote:

Hi all,

When using GNUstep applications under a Gnome desktop and it's
Metacity window manager, I often 'lose' those applications : if I
minimize a windows, it appears in the task bar as expected but if I
hide the application there's nothing left in the task bar. The only
solution seems to launch the application again to get it back.

I'm running with GSAppOwnsMiniwindow set to NO and GSSuppressAppIcon
set to YES as I don't want AppIcons to appear on the desktop.

Is it the intended behavior ? Did I miss something ?

The documentation says:

A boolean value, NO by default. Specifies wether the application icon window should not be displayed. Set to YES for background server applications.

I think the expectation is that, if you have set GSSuppressAppIcon to YES, it's because your app is not intended to appear on-screen (I think that's what 'background server' means), or that your window manager will be handling activation of the app some other way.

The other default (GSAppOwnsMiniwindow) is the one which is supposed to control whether miniwindows are controlled by the application or by the window manager, and if that's set to 'NO' then (as I understand it) the miniwindows should not appear on the desktop. I'm not sure how well this works though.

I haven't looked at the code for ages, but I suspect that the application icon window is handled as a special case and GSAppOwnsMiniwindow does not effect it (shouldn't that be GSAppOwnsMiniWindow rather than GSAppOwnsMiniwindow anyway?).

I think the current code probably does the wrong thing with the app icon window... if it's suppressed then the app just doesn't create it, but it might make more sense for it to be created off-screen ... so that we still have the icon window but it's unseen.

Then, we would always be able to minimise the icon window when we hide the app. If we did that then presumably the window manager would display a reference to the minimised icon window in whatever manner it normally displays minimised windows, and the window manager's mechanism for unminimising it would be able to unhide the application (we could have the gui watch for the icon window being unminimised and automatically unhide the app at that point).

Would this be a workable way of curing this particular window manager interaction issue?

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