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Re: New features

From: Germán Arias
Subject: Re: New features
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 11:08:44 -0600

El dom, 01-11-2009 a las 17:29 +0100, Fred Kiefer escribió:
> Germán Arias schrieb:
> > Hi Fred, If you are agree I will add the variables
> > GSUseWindowFrameColorToMenu and GSMenuItemsBordered to GUI, but I don't
> > know in what file are seated the defaults values of the variables. 
> > 
> > And I don't know if you are agree to add GSTaskBar (or whatever you want
> > call it). To do this I need add some changes on NSApplication and
> > NSWindow, and add another variable for use this, maybe GSUseGSTaskBar.
> > Of course this need a tool that I call "gstb". Greetings. 
> Hi German,
> as for the changes to the menu drawing I would prefer to see the whole
> drawing here moved over into GSTheme and then it would be very simple to
> implement everything you want to do by a new specialised theme that just
> draws the menu differently. There isn't much point in inventing a
> special mechanism to handle one specific drawing aspect when there
> already is a perfect concept to deal with the whole thing.

To me this is good, the reason because I use a variable is because was
the more easy way (At this moment I don't understand exactly how GSTheme

> Specifically for the menu item colour I am thinking about making the
> system extension colour list, that is already used in GSToolbarView an
> official GNUstep mechanism, move the code over to NSColor and to add all
> the other colour definitions we have scattered in GNUstep gui (I think
> NSTableView uses some, hints to other places are welcome). That way a
> theme would just need to override one extra colour list.
> Is this a feasible approach for you? Or do you see a reason to do things
> differently?

in fact, that was my first intention on this. But when I saw that there
wasn't a color for this, then I changed this on NSTitleView. But of
course, a new color on this list is better.

> As for GSTaskBar I already replied on the discussion list. What I would
> like to know about the implementation is what change will be required in
> NSApplication and NSWindow. We should try to come up with a generic way
> to handle application icons here, so that we don't need to change our
> gui code the next time somebody comes up with an idea for a task bar tool.
> Fred

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