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NSColor extensions (Was: New features)

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: NSColor extensions (Was: New features)
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 23:15:11 +0100
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Fred Kiefer schrieb:
> Specifically for the menu item colour I am thinking about making the
> system extension colour list, that is already used in GSToolbarView an
> official GNUstep mechanism, move the code over to NSColor and to add all
> the other colour definitions we have scattered in GNUstep gui (I think
> NSTableView uses some, hints to other places are welcome). That way a
> theme would just need to override one extra colour list.

I am having second thoughts on my own proposal.
The interplay between NSColor and GSTheme is already complex enough
having to deal with just one colour list. Adding a second one will make
it even harder to understand that code. My new idea now is to add the
few additional colours we need to the "System" colour list, the one
themes already override. Is this fine for everybody?


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