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pbxbuild patch

From: Joe Mattiello
Subject: pbxbuild patch
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 11:24:59 -0500

I have a patch I wrote over the summer for pbxbuild that adds many enhancements, though it may break legacy (pre-leopard XCode) versions of projects.
The short story is I wrote all these changes for internal projects that needed to be ported to Linux, went through the FSF paperwork to submit and then completely changed
roles at my company and forgot all about these patches. None the less, I want to share with the community, though I warn the code I wrote doesn't conform to the originally formatting used.
Perhaps someone would like to take on the task of cleaning it up to be submittal to the tree.

Off the top of my head some improvements are,

- Mutli-target projects with both static and dynamic library targets now work
- Linking against JavaVM.framework in XCode translates to linking to libjvm
- Support for Project and target level CFlags
- Support for Project and target level -O flags
- Support for absolute path include and lib search dirs
- Support for linking against frameworks that are also targets in multi-target project (but don't forget to `make install' them)
- Most options that were only project or target based are now Project then optionally Target overwritten set like in XCode
- Support for different bundle extensions
- Support for SDKRoot
- A few more things I forget now

I believe work for dynamic libraries and snowleo was done independently not too long ago, so my apologies for not submitting this sooner, but with out further delay, I present my patches for your approval.

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