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Re: Proposal: new name: pbxbuild -> pearbuild

From: hansfbaier
Subject: Re: Proposal: new name: pbxbuild -> pearbuild
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 08:26:56 +0700 (WIT)

2009/11/19 Gregory Casamento <address@hidden>:

The only thing I'm wondering is why "pear" in particular?   I think
it's good, because it's imaginative.  Additionally, I wouldn't have
wanted the tool to be called gsxcodebuild or gspbxbuild or even
gsbuild as I have a distinct allergy to things being prefixed with GS
simply because they can be.   Part of this comes from having committed
the sin myself in the form of my "gopen" tool. :)   The only reason
it's not "open" is because there is an open keyword/tool on most
versions of Linux with which it would conflict. O_o

pearbuild because it builds apple software but in an non-apple environment,
and there is a bit of impedance mismatch here.
And because the prefix still would be PB.

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