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Re: Proposal: new name: pbxbuild -> pearbuild

From: hansfbaier
Subject: Re: Proposal: new name: pbxbuild -> pearbuild
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 08:32:58 +0700 (WIT)

1) Separate out the code which does the actual conversion.  It would
be useful to have this as a library in case it could be used by other
tools or apps, such as ProjectCenter.

That would be appealing to me. I could envision an event-based API
like for SAX, but I have to look at the code to see how that would work out.

The other obviuos choice would be returning the object tree
that already exists, while factoring out its traversing into separate classes.

Probably the second approach will be more viable.

2) Refactor the code which does the conversion.   Currently it is
somewhat procedural in nature.   From looking at the structure of the
xcodebuild file... it is a dependency tree.   We can take one of two
approaches with this:
  a) Make the tool do the building directly, such as with
xcodebuild...   this would mean that pbxbuild wouldn't just use make,
but would become a full on make replacement
Surely this might be the greatest user experience, but may duplicate
a lot of effort that already has been put into make.

  b) OR find ways to make what is in the xcodebuild files into
something equivalent in GNUstep-make files.

I tried to do that, there is some impedance mismatch though,
because the xcode and GNUstep-make models differ somewhat.


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