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Re: [flame] NEWS file is useless

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: [flame] NEWS file is useless
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 09:31:03 +0000

Also, A ChangeLog is easy to search. When something breaks I grep in the changelog. Old habits.

Why is:

cat ChangeLog | grep

easier than:

svn log | grep

Because using a ChangeLog doesn't require internet access, and it is *much* faster. :-)

And for people who get a source tarball, they don't even need to have subversion installed,
or know where the repository is located or how to access it.

Anyway, it seems a long discussion on a minor point.

I suggest we could simply manually copy the ChangeLog entry in the svn commit message every time we do a commit. Then the ChangeLog entry would be available also via svn log for people who use svn logs instead of ChangeLogs
to track development.

I guess this could be automated so a subversion hook would check that every commit contains a ChangeLog entry, and would automatically copy it into the subversion commit message. As hooks would slow down an already slow repository, we could also simply agree to do it manually. If someone gets it wrong it will be immediately obvious by looking at the
svn logs and can be corrected.


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