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xlib backend - Xft without fontconfig

From: Derek Fawcus
Subject: xlib backend - Xft without fontconfig
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 09:30:00 -0700
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I've been looking at the xlib backend,  specifically the Xft
text rendering support.  From looking at it,  I believe the
parts intended to cope with fontconfig not existing should
simply be discarded.

It has two effects,  it allow Xft version 1 to be used,
(since it preceeds the existance of fontconfig),  and it
uses the Xlfd matching part of Xft.  The latter seems to
be pointless (since Xft 1 supported a built in prototype
fontconfig like matching facility),  broken (the way the
xlfd list passed in is built depends upon local fonts),
and a waste (since the X core text support copes with
xlfd patterns).

It would appear that these date from quite some time ago,
Xft version 1 is obsolete (version 2 has existed since
at least sometime in 2002),  and I believe anyone using
Xft now will have version 2.

So I propose that GSXftFontInfo.m be updated such that:

all code protected by HAVE_FC be unconditional
the code in the #else part of -setupAttributes be removed

and similarly in XGContext.m make the code protected by HAVE_FC be 

This then eases some other clean ups and fixes I spotted.

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