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Re: Default command key under X11

From: Wolfgang Lux
Subject: Re: Default command key under X11
Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 09:18:30 +0200

Eric Wasylishen wrote:

Why don't we change the default command key under X11 to Control?

My reasoning is that the most important uses of keyboard modifiers (by far) are the CUA key combinations like ctrl+c for copy, ctrl-v for paste, ctrl+z for undo, etc., and since every other X11 toolkit uses the Control key for these by default, I think GS should as well. It's really jarring to have to switch between Ctrl when using non-GNUstep apps and Alt when using GS apps. I know you can configure this using user defaults, but we should be using settings that fit in with gtk/qt by default, I think. Thoughts?

I'd feel rather unhappy with that change as it will break many emacs key bindings in NSTextView. Here are my favorite four:
Ctrl-A: "move to beginning of line"  vs. Cmd-A "select all"
Ctrl-B: "move one char backward"     vs. Cmd-B "bold"
Ctrl-E: "move to end of line" vs. Cmd-E "enter selection into find panel" (if you have one)
Ctrl-F: "move one char forward"      vs. Cmd-F "find panel"

(and don't tell me that char backward and forward are on the arrow keys; its faster to type control-char combinations when you are entering text),


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