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Re: Moving the bug system to GNA....

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: Moving the bug system to GNA....
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 14:32:31 +0100

On 23 May 2011, at 14:28, Banlu Kemiyatorn wrote:

> I like the idea but I doubt it would make users life easier. For instance, a 
> user found a bug and google for it and will end up with mixed of two site, 
> asking themselves which one to use. The search for existing bugs by site 
> interface could also be dupped efforts. Nonetheless, I support the move. Why? 
> Because making life a bit harder and not too much could be productive. 
> Spending more time searching and reading could help improving the quality of 
> the reports, dont't get lazy! 

I also support the move.  I didn't even know we had a bug tracking thing on 
Savannah until Gregory pointed it out - I certainly don't have access to 
comment on or close bugs there.  In contrast, anyone who has commit access on 
GNA has access to the GNA bug tracker automatically.  


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