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Image issues...

From: Gregory Casamento
Subject: Image issues...
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 11:46:21 -0400

Hey guys,

I have been testing some of the applications in GAP and I ran across this...

Normally, the chess pieces are visible.   As you can see here, they
are tiny.   I'm guessing this is because of the recent change.

Something is definitely wrong here, since is an app directly
ported from OPENSTEP.  Thus, the images should appear correctly if
GNUstep's implementation is correct.  I can't imagine that the
implementation in Cocoa would display the same issue seen here.

I realize this post comes late, but I just noticed this issue about an hour ago.

Gregory Casamento - GNUstep Lead/Principal Consultant, OLC, Inc.
yahoo/skype: greg_casamento, aol: gjcasa
(240)274-9630 (Cell)

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