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Re: Compile issues

From: Jackie Gleason
Subject: Re: Compile issues
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 18:42:12 -0500

I just drink the Koolaid when it comes to convention over
configuration so that is why I find it silly on a platform like OSX or

I also think it would be easier to integrate with Androids make system
(although I am still new to all this so I could be wrong) for the
average population. If we could do this with the existing Gnustep make
configuration (allow them to use ndk-duild) that would be great,
however, I am not taking on that challenge.

The other option is we just create a and compile it
completely different for android this is the route I am taking.

This, however, is a good discussion and betters the community if we
can integrate Android.

FYI This is where I am (commented ones do not compile linking is not working)...

LOCAL_SRC_FILES := NSXMLDTDNode.m \NSSet.m \NSNetServices.m
\libgnustep-base-entry.m \NSTextCheckingResult.m
\NSKeyValueObserving.m \NSPointerArray.m \NSObjCRuntime.m \NSScanner.m
\NSURLCredential.m \NSProxy.m \NSURLHandle.m \GSStream.m \NSTimer.m
\callframe.m \NSSerializer.m \NSConcretePointerFunctions.m
\NSHTTPCookie.m \NSConcreteHashTable.m \NSNotificationCenter.m
\NSDictionary.m \NSSpellServer.m \NSHTTPCookieStorage.m \NSIndexSet.m
\NSError.m \GSArray.m \NSFormatter.m \NSNull.m \NSURLProtectionSpace.m
\NSJSONSerialization.m \NSGarbageCollector.m \NSURLCredentialStorage.m
\NSHost.m \NSURLResponse.m \NSDecimal.m \NSKeyedArchiver.m
\NSConnection.m \NSXMLDTD.m \GSAttributedString.m \NSLock.m
\NSCountedSet.m \NSAttributedString.m \NSValue.m \NSXMLDocument.m
\NSRegularExpression.m \NSNumber.m \NSMapTable.m
\NSMessagePortNameServer.m \GSValue.m \NSSortDescriptor.m
\NSClassDescription.m \NSDistributedLock.m \NSValueTransformer.m
\NSAffineTransform.m \GSString.m \preface.m \NSCalendarDate.m
\GSCountedSet.m \NSDecimalNumber.m \NSPortMessage.m \NSURLConnection.m
\NSKeyValueCoding.m \NSURLAuthenticationChallenge.m
\NSNotificationQueue.m \GSRunLoopWatcher.m \NSURL.m \NSXMLParser.m
\NSCachedURLResponse.m \NSObject.m \GSConcreteValue.m \objc-load.m
\NSPortNameServer.m \NSTimeZone.m \NSFileHandle.m \NSEnumerator.m
\NSDistantObject.m \CXXException.m \NSURLCache.m \NSRange.m \NSZone.m
\NSNumberFormatter.m \NSPortCoder.m \GSICUString.m \NSPage.m \NSPipe.m
\NSAutoreleasePool.m \NSMethodSignature.m \NSURLRequest.m
\NSCopyObject.m \NSXMLNode.m \NSPointerFunctions.m \GSSet.m
\NSObject+NSComparisonMethods.m \NSSocketPortNameServer.m
\NSCallBacks.m \NSXMLElement.m \NSAssertionHandler.m \NSURLProtocol.m
\NSUnarchiver.m \GSBlocks.m \NSCache.m \NSHashTable.m \GSDictionary.m
\inet_ntop.m \NSPredicate.m \NSBundle.m \NSDateFormatter.m
\NSDistributedNotificationCenter.m \GSSocketStream.m \NSIndexPath.m
\Additions/GCDictionary.m \Additions/NSFileHandle+GNUstepBase.m
\Additions/NSNumber+GNUstepBase.m \Additions/NSStream+GNUstepBase.m
\Additions/NSData+GNUstepBase.m \Additions/NSError+GNUstepBase.m
\Additions/NSDebug+GNUstepBase.m \Additions/GCArray.m
\Additions/NSPropertyList+GNUstepBase.m \Additions/NSURL+GNUstepBase.m
\Additions/GSLock.m \Additions/NSObject+GNUstepBase.m
\Additions/GSInsensitiveDictionary.m \Additions/GCObject.m
\Additions/GSMime.m \Additions/GSFunctions.m
\Additions/NSString+GNUstepBase.m \Additions/NSTask+GNUstepBase.m
\Additions/GSObjCRuntime.m \Additions/NSLock+GNUstepBase.m
\Additions/NSArray+GNUstepBase.m \Additions/NSThread+GNUstepBase.m
\Additions/NSMutableString+GNUstepBase.m \NSPropertyList.m \externs.m
\unix/GSRunLoopCtxt.m \unix/NSStream.m \NSRunLoop.m
\NSProtocolChecker.m \NSLog.m \NSUndoManager.m \NSPort.m \NSCoder.m
\NSArchiver.m \NSCharacterSet.m \GSFTPURLHandle.m \NSUserDefaults.m
\NSNotification.m \NSArray.m \GSFormat.m \NSKeyValueMutableArray.m
\NSCalendar.m \NSConcreteMapTable.m \inet_pton.m \NSURLDownload.m
\NSOperation.m \NSGeometry.m \ObjectiveC2/NSBlocks.m
\ObjectiveC2/blocks_runtime.m \ObjectiveC2/sync.m
\ObjectiveC2/properties.m \NSException.m \NSLocale.m \NSThread.m
\NSPage.m \GSFileHandle.m \NSData.m \NSDate.m \NSDebug.m
\NSNumberMethods.h \NSProcessInfo.m \NSTimeZone.m \NSUnarchiver.m
\NSUndoManager.m \NSPathUtilities.m \NSKeyedUnarchiver.m
# NSInvocation.m \# NSMessagePort.m \# GSAvahiClient.m \#
GSAvahiNetService.m \# GSAvahiNetServiceBrowser.m \#
GSAvahiRunLoopIntegration.m \# GSFFCallInvocation.m \    #
GSFFIInvocation.m \ # GSLocale.m \ # GSMDNSNetServices.m \     #
Additions/Unicode.m \# GSConcreteValueTemplate.m \

On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 6:11 PM, Tom Hageman <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Jackie,
> On Sat, 10 Dec 2011 13:12:51 -0500, Jackie Gleason wrote:
>> BTW Android people put fcntl.h and signal.h in the root instead of
>> sys. Make sure to copy them to sys in your platform as well. Nothing
>> like making things unnecessarily confusing.
> I'm assuming by "root" you mean the top-level (/usr)/include/ directory
> in Android SDK?
> What's wrong with that?  For instance Mac OS X has that as well.
> I would think that platform-specific differences like that can/should be
> detected in gnustep ./configure, instead of requiring people to change
> their copies of Android SDK?
> Regards,
> Tom.

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