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Re: NSTextField didn't change color on set...Color: while editing.

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: NSTextField didn't change color on set...Color: while editing.
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 08:31:59 +0000

On 20 Dec 2011, at 22:52, Fred Kiefer wrote:

> On 19.12.2011 07:30, Bluna Ratimonkey wrote:
>> I think I don't want to continue working for GNUstep or use it or
>> continue working on projects that use it. I see you guys' points but
>> these kind of decisions are unfortunately not my goal, which is to
>> contribute to a project that aim to build really good and free
>> softwares for the people, not for porting more proprietary softwares
>> to GNU/Linux world. Or may be I always look for a decision to leave,
>> whatever it is, I wish you all good luck!
> Bluna,
> I am very sorry that it was me that caused to to turn away from GNUstep. I 
> can understand the frustration with the project, I myself feel like giving it 
> up often enough.
> What I don't quite understand is why it was my reply that tripped you into 
> leaving? It was a clear statement of opinion and there may be different 
> opinions on this issue as the replies on this mail on the mailing list have 
> clearly shown.
> But what ever it was, I want to say that I am sorry for it. I always admired 
> you contributions to GNUstep and want to thank you for your long lasting 
> efforts and what ever you do in the future I wish you all the best of luck 
> for it.
> Fred

All I read from your comment was that you considered the proposal 'reasonable', 
but that a reasonable OSX compatible implementation should be used in 
preference to a reasonable implementation that's not OSX compatible.
That seems completely unobjectionable to me, and in no way incompatible with 
making GNUstep 'really good and free software'.
As far as I can see everyone's *primary* objective with GNUstep is to make it 
really good free software (hopefully the best, free software in its domain).  
Of course everyone wants to make it the best software for their own purposes.
Making it OSX compatible is an important secondary objective which contributes 
toward that primary objective.
Adding GNUstep specific improvements (extensions to the API)  is another 
secondary objective which also contributes towards the primary objective.
To me, those secondary objectives (and many others) are generally perfectly 
compatible, and I don't really understand how anything you said could be seen 
as not wanting to build really good free software.

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