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Re: NSGenericException with current SVN

From: A. Arias
Subject: Re: NSGenericException with current SVN
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 20:17:11 -0600

El dom, 12-08-2012 a las 18:09 -0600, Germán A. Arias escribió:
> Sometimes when I launch a GS app, I get:
> NSGenericException: lock
> '/tmp/GNUstepSecure1000/GSLaunchedApplications.lock' already broken
> This is with gnustep from SVN.

No one experience this? Sometimes I can't run a specific app (Gorm,
Ink, ...), no matter how many times I try. I should remove
"/tmp/GNUstepSecure1000" to solve the problem. I have this problem even
after reinstall gnustep.

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