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gcc and runtime selection at link time

From: Wolfgang Sourdeau
Subject: gcc and runtime selection at link time
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:15:54 -0400
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In the SOGo project, our Debian maintainer has produced a patch that forces the linking of libraries to Now, our OpenBSD complains because those are modifications to the makefiles that he must work around because his objc runtime is named As far as I understand, executables, bundles and other forms of objects built from gnustep-make are linked to the right runtime.

Now, my questions are:
1- shouldn't it be the role of gcc to choose the right runtime, the same way the c backend link executables to the right libc?

2- why would the library target of gnustep-make not link against libobjc, if source files are objective-c files?

Maybe this has been discussed and changed before, but I would like to see a modern opinion on the matter.
Thanks for your input!

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