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NSAutoreleasePool issue related to Clang and libobjc2

From: Quentin Mathé
Subject: NSAutoreleasePool issue related to Clang and libobjc2
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 19:37:42 +0100


The NSAutoreleasePool implementation bound to the ARC_RUNTIME has some issues I 

For the same current pool instance, it calls push_pool_to_cache() twice, once 
in -emptyPool and another -dealloc. Which means a pool still in use can be 
reused, then it's possible to get stuck in an infinite loop. For example, in

- (void) emptyPool
  struct autorelease_thread_vars *tv = ARP_THREAD_VARS;

  // Infinite loop when pool == pool->_child
  while (_child)
      NSAutoreleasePool *pool = _child;
      _child = pool->_child;
      push_pool_to_cache(tv, pool);

Here is a partial backtrace for this problem :

#0  0xb7a29933 in -[NSAutoreleasePool emptyPool] (self=0x8cf7f34, 
    at NSAutoreleasePool.m:413
#1  0xb7a29d07 in -[NSAutoreleasePool dealloc] (self=0x8cf7f34, _cmd=0xb7f3cfe0)
    at NSAutoreleasePool.m:739
#2  0xb7a29c6e in -[NSAutoreleasePool release] (self=0x8cf7f34, _cmd=0xb7f6dc28)
    at NSAutoreleasePool.m:732
#3  0xb7c29493 in -[NSRunLoop limitDateForMode:] (self=0x85a1b9c, 
    mode=0x80f02e4) at NSRunLoop.m:1080
#4  0xb7c2bac7 in -[NSRunLoop runMode:beforeDate:] (self=0x85a1b9c, 
    mode=0x80f02e4, date=0x8ea2dbc) at NSRunLoop.m:1255
#5  0xb7d4b3db in -[GSMessageHandle sendMessage:beforeDate:] (self=0x8cf7dcc, 
    _cmd=0xb7f8ab10, components=0x86dd12c, when=0x8ea2dbc) at 
#6  0xb7d5292c in -[NSMessagePort 
sendBeforeDate:msgid:components:from:reserved:] (
    self=0x8cf3f34, _cmd=0xb7f46428, when=0x8ea2dbc, msgId=0, 
    receivingPort=0x8cf5174, length=16) at NSMessagePort.m:1960
#7  0xb7a9201d in -[NSConnection(Private) _sendOutRmc:type:] (self=0x8cf577c, 
    _cmd=0xb7f46198, c=0x86dd0bc, msgid=0) at NSConnection.m:3426
#8  0xb7a8312b in -[NSConnection(GNUstepExtensions) 
forwardInvocation:forProxy:] (
    self=0x8cf577c, _cmd=0xb7f4c0f8, inv=0x86dd064, object=0x8cf920c)
    at NSConnection.m:2041
#9  0xb7ae4ed1 in -[NSDistantObject forwardInvocation:] (self=0x8cf920c, 
    _cmd=0xb7f8bba0, anInvocation=0x86dd064) at NSDistantObject.m:606
#10 0xb7d5a030 in GSFFIInvocationCallback (cif=0x86dcf50, retp=0xbfffe380, 
    args=0xbfffe300, user=0x8eb94b4) at GSFFIInvocation.m:623
#11 0xb72e3176 in ?? () from /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
#12 0xb72e3416 in ?? () from /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
#13 0xb7aea7ea in -[NSDistributedNotificationCenter 
addObserver:selector:name:object:suspensionBehavior:] (self=0x8cf11d4, 
_cmd=0xb7f4d1e8, anObserver=0x8f99244, 
    aSelector=0xb5a108e8, notificationName=0xb5a107b8, anObject=0x0, 
    suspensionBehavior=2) at NSDistributedNotificationCenter.m:344
#14 0xb7aea162 in -[NSDistributedNotificationCenter 
addObserver:selector:name:object:] (
    self=0x8cf11d4, _cmd=0xb5a10a68, anObserver=0x8f99244, 
    notificationName=0xb5a107b8, anObject=0x0) at 

If I apply the patch in attachment, it isn't enough to solve the problem, 
because I now get a crash I cannot explain when running the NSRunLoop. Here is 
the backtrace :

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xb7852346 in objc_test_class_flag (aClass=0x74696c71, 
    at ./class.h:248
248             return (aClass->info & (unsigned long)flag) == (unsigned 
(gdb) bt
#0  0xb7852346 in objc_test_class_flag (aClass=0x74696c71, 
    flag=objc_class_flag_hidden_class) at ./class.h:248
#1  0xb7852d4b in object_getClass (obj=0x8e9454c) at runtime.c:757
#2  0xb7d5a799 in GSObjCIsInstance (obj=0x8e9454c) at GSObjCRuntime.m:84
#3  0xb7ab3139 in otherTime (other=0x8e9454c) at NSDate.m:109
#4  0xb7ab65c4 in -[NSGDate earlierDate:] (self=0x8624f04, _cmd=0xb7f6da60, 
    otherDate=0x8e9454c) at NSDate.m:1461
#5  0xb7c2bf6a in -[NSRunLoop runMode:beforeDate:] (self=0x85a1b9c, 
    mode=0xb7f6d7f0, date=0x8e9454c) at NSRunLoop.m:1269
#6  0xb7c2c40b in -[NSRunLoop runUntilDate:] (self=0x85a1b9c, _cmd=0xb7fd7d58, 
    date=0x8e9454c) at NSRunLoop.m:1305
#7  0xb7fc5189 in -[UKRunner runTest:onObject:class:] (self=0x8117c4c, 
    testSelector=0x8452e70, testObject=0x8e8177c, testClass=0xb5a38fe0) at 
#8  0xb7fc57fe in -[UKRunner runTests:onObject:] (self=0x8117c4c, 
    testMethods=0x8e81724, testObject=0x8e81744) at UKRunner.m:470
#9  0xb7fc60e3 in -[UKRunner runTestsInClass:] (self=0x8117c4c, 
    testClass=0xb5a38fe0) at UKRunner.m:522
#10 0xb7fc689e in -[UKRunner runTests:inBundle:principalClass:] 
    _cmd=0xb7fd7cf0, testClasses=0x846e79c, bundle=0x8130984, 
    at UKRunner.m:560
#11 0xb7fc2ecb in -[UKRunner runTests:inBundleAtPath:currentDirectory:] 
    _cmd=0xb7fd7e38, testClasses=0x846e79c, bundlePath=0x812c22c, cwd=0x8117c0c)
    at UKRunner.m:145
#12 0xb7fc3d33 in +[UKRunner runTests] (self=0xb7fd7c40, _cmd=0x804b7c0)
    at UKRunner.m:190
#13 0x08048977 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff814) at main.m:33

Any suggestions would be welcome, I'm a bit stuck :)

I'm using both GNUstep Base and libobjc2 SVN trunk from today, Clang 3.1 (with 
the non-fragile ABI) and Ubuntu Linux x86-32.


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