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OS X/objc2: is clang required to build GNUstep-base?

From: Frank Rehwinkel
Subject: OS X/objc2: is clang required to build GNUstep-base?
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 10:35:06 -0400

Want to check some assumptions I'm making.

To get the latest objc2 built on OS X, clang is either preferred or required although there are other considerations that still need addressing.

To build GNUstep-base, to be linked with the objc2 library later on, it should be built against the objc2 library.

And to build against the objc2 library, -base needs to be built with clang because only clang supports the -fobc-runtime=gnustep option.

I'm running into issue after issue with compiling -base using a new clang on OS X and just wanted to make sure I don't have the option of building it with the gcc on OS X if my goal is to use the -base library with clang and objc2.


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