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Gorm and nib format

From: forumer
Subject: Gorm and nib format
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 20:36:51 +0200
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I wanted to test Gorm and I have converted a very simple xib file into a nib format (In Xcode 4.6, File->Export->Nib) and
then I tried to load it inside Gorm but it didn't work.
The converted xib file is a nib folder with 2 files inside : designable.nib (that is actually a copy of the xib file ie a xml file) and keyedobjects.nib a binary plist file.When I look at Gorm's source code I can see it expects to find 2 files : keyedobjects.nib and classes.nib. If Xcode can open this converted nib file I am sure Gorm would be able to do it and it shouldn't be difficult to build this classes.nib
manually. Is it something that could be done ?

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