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Re: NSCursor mismatched push and pop

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: NSCursor mismatched push and pop
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 21:31:09 +0100

Ah, sorry, it seems my -base was quite a way out of date.  

I've put the log here:


On 6 Oct 2013, at 21:19, Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> wrote:

> This has been fixed in base SVN for a few weeks already. Please update base 
> and try again. If the problem persists, could you try to provide a stack 
> trace of the exception?
> Fred
> On the road
> Am 06.10.2013 um 21:40 schrieb David Chisnall <address@hidden>:
>> On 6 Oct 2013, at 18:59, Germán Arias <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> El dom, 06-10-2013 a las 11:16 +0100, David Chisnall escribió:
>>>> On 6 Oct 2013, at 08:41, Germán Arias <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>>> Thanks for this log David. Could you provide the log for the other bug?
>>>> Sure.  I used Typewriter to produce the log for this one, can you suggest 
>>>> an app that can be used to trigger it?
>>>> David
>>> The attached app show the other cursor issue. This app has a window
>>> with a toolbar item that display the open panel. Launch the app and
>>> move the window in a way that the button "Cancel" at panel appears
>>> over the textview. As show the attached image. Then clic in button
>>> "Cancel", the cursor remains as an I-beam.
>>> Germán.
>> This app crashes in an exception at startup.  The error appears to be due to 
>> interface.gorm containing an NSParagraphStyle instance that has the class 
>> version after the int -> NSInteger switch, but still has instance variables 
>> of the former type.  I've not been able to hack up the NSParagraphStyle 
>> class enough to be able to load it.  Is it possible to re-save this gorm as 
>> either the old or the new format?
>> I thought we had some NSCoder logic that would make this work, allowing us 
>> to load values if the sizes had increased, but apparently I imagined it.
>> David
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