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themes: highlighted cell text colors

From: Eric Wasylishen
Subject: themes: highlighted cell text colors
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 20:43:53 -0600

I'm working on the Nesedah theme:

One thing that is giving me trouble is getting selected cells in NSTableView and NSBrowser to have a highlighted text color.

For tables, I've found the relevant place in GSThemeDrawing.m; it's -drawTableViewRow:clipRect:inView:, and I have access to the NSCell and know whether the table cell should be selected. My problem is, I don't know how I should I set up the cell. Simply calling -setHighlighted: YES doesn't cause a NSTextFieldCell to draw differently than normal.

I could explicitly set the text color to a highlighted text color in -drawTableViewRow:clipRect:inView:, but this would break cells that have custom text colors already set, which seems like a bad thing.

I'd appreciate any hints!


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