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Re: NSCursor mismatched push and pop

From: Germán Arias
Subject: Re: NSCursor mismatched push and pop
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2013 00:36:45 -0600

El lun, 07-10-2013 a las 16:06 -0600, Germán Arias escribió:
> mouseMoved, has a the delta:
> deltaX = 430.000000, deltaY = 82.000000
> This assumes the cursor is entering, and set the I-beam again.

I added some NSLog messages to see what is happening here. Are these:

_lastPoint after resert cursor rects {x = 454; y = 62}
_lastPoint used in _checkCursorRectangles {x = 33; y = 468}
_lastPoint in MouseMoved {x = 453; y = 62}

First message is the value of _lastPoint after call the method
-resetCursorRectangles after close the "open" panel. Second message show
the value of _lastPoint used at _checkCursorRectangles:, when mouse
moves. And the last message is the value that MouseMoved set to
_lastPoint after check all rectangles.

The coordinates {x = 33; y = 468}, are where I clicked over the toolbar
item. How is this possible? There isn't any piece of code that restores
a previous value of mouse location to _lastPoint. So, what is happening


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