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Re: Signal on copy [Was: Next release?]

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Signal on copy [Was: Next release?]
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 09:18:10 +0100

Am 12.12.2013 um 08:06 schrieb Germán Arias <address@hidden>:

> On 2013-12-11 16:58:30 -0600 Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> wrote:
>> I really don't have a clue what is going on here. Anybody out there with
>> more insight?
>> Fred
> Well, it works perfectly to me, with the menu or keyboard shortcuts.
> Have you tried clean and rebuild all GNUstep?
> Germán

If you are referring to the "make clean; configure; make; make install" 
sequence, I do that daily for make, base, gui and back.
It used to work for me before switching from OpenSuse 12.2 to 13.1.

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