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Re: Cross-compiling GNUstep?

From: Markus Hitter
Subject: Re: Cross-compiling GNUstep?
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 20:17:05 +0100
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Am 29.12.2013 19:47, schrieb David Chisnall:
> I'd be more inclined to move to CMake, which has the advantage of not being a 
> complete usability disaster and being able to generate XCode projects.

While I have no experience with CMake, I wouldn't mind either.

I just see my shiny new Debian packages don't allow me to build -base
without debian/rules. configure insists to run on a normal make and
falls back to the non-fhs layout. The whole testsuite ignores
messages=yes, apparently all the checks fail silently. Building a single
one doesn't work either, "Testing.h" not found. Have yet to investigate
what actually happens, but it's obvious GNUstep Make isn't exactly

How could backward compatibility work? I already see "it has served us
well for 15 years and I don't want to re-write all my projects" ...


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