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Re: website redesign proposal

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: website redesign proposal
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 10:27:58 +0000

On 31 Dec 2013, at 03:17, Stefan Bidi <address@hidden> wrote:

> All this said, I think the first thing we must do first is define what is 
> going to be included as "proper" GNUstep.  What are we going to include of 
> the "Documentation" menu?  Obviously GNUstep-make, -base, -gui and -back are 
> going to have documentation, but what else?  Is libobjc2 considered "proper" 
> GNUstep?  If so, shouldn't it's documentation be prominently displayed, as 
> well?  What other projects will be linked from the website?  Richard's EC and 
> WebServer aren't currently mentioned anywhere on the website, only the wiki 
> (at least, that I know of).  If these side project are "proper" GNUstep, 
> shouldn't they be integrated with the rest of the project?

I would say that 'proper' gnustep is what we used to refer to as 'core' 
(make/base/gui/back) plus Gorm (the one 'properly' supported tool nearly 
essential for gui development).

There are then four things which I really think we want to add ASAP, by which I 
mean, as soon as we can really properly support / implement them:
We need at least one gnu/linux and one windows theme, and we ought to bundle 
them as paret of the core system.
We ought to have libobjc2 and a reference copy of clang (we need to get proper 
gnustep-make integration for them before we can consider them 
We need truly simplemac user porting mechanism (virtual machine and/or xcode 
integration package) ... being able cross-compile directly from xcode would be 
nice, but a couple  of VMs with GNUstep installed on them would probably be 
achivable quicker.
For want of a better term ... implementing new/improverd graphics stuff and 
porting to android etc.

The there's all the stuff which should probably never be parrt of GNUstep 
proper (ie core);

That would be development libraries which use GNUstep and make life easier for 
people using gnustep (including much of the stuff I've contributed).
That would also be development tools built on the GNUstep core, but not 
polished enough to be easily suipported by the core team
That would also be all the wonderful apps in GAP and Etoile etc

So for me there's a break-down into GNUstep (the core, supported stuff), Future 
(hot projects), and Extra (things built using GNUstep) which I think ought to 
be really clear on the website;
We want people to know what's there now and well supported
We want people to know what's coming soon and where they can help most
We want people to know about all the cool stuff that uses GNUstep and makes it 
look good
We also want people to join in and help rather than complaining about problems 
which aren't part of core ... keeping a clear separation ought to help with 
that.  We ought to make it explicit who is supporting what, and to what extent 
support/development is being done (and whether we are looking for a volunteer 
to support any pasrticular thing).

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