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Re: Wiki (was Re: website redesign proposal)

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Wiki (was Re: website redesign proposal)
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 13:06:31 +0100
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On 31.12.2013 06:45, Germán Arias wrote:
> El mar, 31-12-2013 a las 02:09 +0100, Sebastian Reitenbach escribió:
>> Hi all,
> [..]
>> * maybe trash the
>>   * its unmaintainable, contains lots of outdated,
>>     incorrect and misleading information
>>   * incorporate important information into the main website
>>     OR someone (or a team) needs to be willing to review
>>     it regularly and if necessary clean it up/update outdated
>>     info there
> I think the wiki is important, we just need invite people to update and
> write. In other way, if we put all at main website, this will be a lot
> of work for whichever is the maintainer. And with the time this will
> become outdated.
> I suggest, remove the news from wiki, and add a main page with some
> information about what is available at wiki. Like, for example, GNU
> Octave wiki ( or Emacs wiki
> (
> And, since we have Software Index, we can remove all the apps at wiki.
> Because this is a duplicated effort.
> If you are agree, I can help in this way. Even with the recording of
> some video tutorials to show some basics examples. And put this at
> or at

I fully agree with German. The wiki and the web site follow different
purposes and use cases. We need both of them but should make sure
information is always presented on the most suited system.
Duplicated information is bad, as it will most likely be out dated at
one of the places. Let us all start to go through the wiki and clean it
up more regularly. And if we see information that remains static and is
important enough, move it over to to


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