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Re: website redesign proposal

From: Markus Hitter
Subject: Re: website redesign proposal
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 13:09:17 +0100
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Am 31.12.2013 02:09, schrieb Sebastian Reitenbach:

> I guess everybody knows, and also agrees that the GNUstep website is
> looking fairly dated, and that finding contents in it, is somtetimes
> only possible with help of google. the last few days I spent on
> thinking about the website, what it may need, digging html5 and
> css3, and came up with the following design, that you can find here:

First, big compliments for the Dock implementation. It works flawlessly
in a mouse/trackpad driven environment.

Hovever, menus at the bottom of a web pages / windows are very unusual
(the real thing is at the bottom of the screen, which is something
different), so it took me a second visit to see it at all. Having a
standard menu in the upper region suggested there's no need to search
for navigation.

Can these two be joined?

Either by removing the top menu, putting a dark bar below the dock at
the bottom for better recognition and making the text bubbles (tooltips)
permanent for the touch screen users.

Or by adding the dock upside down to the menu bar.

Either way we'd have a nice animation for Mac evangelists and reasonable
standard behaviour for ordinary visitors.


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Dipl. Ing. (FH) Markus Hitter

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