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Re: Intermediate Summary: Re: website redesign proposal

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Intermediate Summary: Re: website redesign proposal
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 12:23:18 +0000

On 7 Jan 2014, at 12:16, Niels Grewe <address@hidden> wrote:

> (Sorry, forgot to CC the list)
> Anfang der weitergeleiteten Nachricht:
>> Von: Niels Grewe <address@hidden>
>> Betreff: Re: Intermediate Summary: Re: website redesign proposal
>> Datum: 7. Januar 2014 13:00:12 MEZ
>> An: David Chisnall <address@hidden>
>> Am 07.01.2014 um 12:06 schrieb David Chisnall <address@hidden>:
>>> On 7 Jan 2014, at 10:49, Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>>> I read 'Objective-C 2' as 'we support the features Apple introduced in 
>>>>> 2005!  Yay!'
>>>> You may be unusual in that.
>>> Possibly, but the 2006 WWDC was the first and last time Apple referred to a 
>>> set of new Objective-C features as Objective-C 2.  The term Objective-C 2 
>>> does not appear in current Apple docs,
>> <nitpicking>
>> That’s not quite true: Some of the documents still talk about something 
>> called "Objective-C 2.0“, most notably the runtime programming guide:
>> </nitpicking>
>> But that doesn’t make the term any more intelligible. I think we should 
>> prefer to use a concise description of the feature set over any marketing 
>> mumbo jumbo. 

I sympathise/agree with that ... but we have, on the website , a consice 
description of what gnustep is, and yet just had Doc O'Leary complaning because 
we didn't have a marketing mission statement.

Probably we need both ... a good description and a marketing phrase to refer to 

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