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Re: DBus Menu in Gtk theme

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: DBus Menu in Gtk theme
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 13:36:41 -0800

On 15 Jan 2014, at 13:26, Niels Grewe <address@hidden> wrote:

> Yes, I imagine that would do wonders for public perception. I’ve just added 
> code to the Gnome theme that loads the DBusMenu bundle if it is available and 
> lets the menu server display the menu if it is available.

Apparently it's possible for a packager to select a theme and have it 
automatically used via GNUstep.conf if users don't override it.  It would be 
nice if that could be prominently documented somewhere (although a file that is 
both user-editable and needs some default values is a disaster for packaging).  
It would be great if we could have a meta-theme that would detect whether a 
GNOME environment was running, load the GNOME theme if it is, or load some 
other specified default otherwise, so we could have GNUstep applications 
packaged with a more modern look by default. 


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