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New: NSUserNotification (clang, only)

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: New: NSUserNotification (clang, only)
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 15:49:13 +0100

Hi fellow GNUsteppers,

in r37645 I've added NSUserNotification and its related NSUserNotificationCenter to gnustep-base. The default implementation of NSUserNotificationCenter doesn't do very much in terms of presenting user notifications to the user. However, there's a bundle loading mechanism in NSUserNotificationCenter which allows for loading different implementations to be used as default NSUserNotificationCenter. In r37646 I've provided such a bundle via DBusKit (in Bundles/DKUserNotification) which implements the Desktop Notifications Specification. Most of the original OSX 10.8 design of NSUserNotification is compatible with the Desktop Notifications Specification, which means that by using a compatible desktop environment you'll be immediately able to utilize user notifications quite properly. The DBus-based implementation isn't fully done but already quite usable, so I decided to commit it.

Providing a gnustep-gui based implementation is also possible (i.e. via the bundle mechanism), but I haven't looked into it. If someone wants to work on it, feel free to contact me for further discussion. 

There's a catch with NSUserNotification, though. It currently makes use of autosynthesis and class extensions, which aren't available to gcc46 (or any more recent version of gcc?). I don't know exactly what the stance on supported compilers for gnustep-base is, but I've made sure that the commited code doesn't break gcc compilation (it's simply left out). If someone wants to support gcc, you're welcome to extend the code. I've tried so myself, but ran into a couple of issues (re-declarations of properties didn't work as expected, manually synthesizing the properties also had issues). 



Marcus Müller  .  .  .

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