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Re: Windows bridge for iOS: Initial preview now available.

From: Alessandro Sangiuliano
Subject: Re: Windows bridge for iOS: Initial preview now available.
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 11:42:04 +0200

I can’t look at the code actually, but reading on github it is a preview status.
They released under MIT license, do you think this can be an opportunity for us to take advantages for iOS compatibility framework in GNUstep, at least in the future?

Il giorno 07/ago/2015, alle ore 09:51, Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> ha scritto:

It looks like the Microsoft ObjectiveC frameworks finally got published. I only looked over the code briefly and the mix of ObjectiveC and C++ isn't to my likening. It is an impressive amount of code though and on the other hand it is in many places even less complete than GNUstep. Some of the code looks quite similar to our code, but I would not draw any conclusion from that.


Von: "Microsoft" <address@hidden>
Datum: 6. August 2015 23:33:41 MESZ
An: <address@hidden>
Betreff: Windows bridge for iOS: Initial preview now available.
Antwort an: "Windows Platform Developer" <address@hidden>

Windows Bridge for iOS initial preview.   |  View in browser.
Windows Bridge for iOS: Initial preview now on GitHub!
We have great news to share about Windows Bridge for iOS ('Project Islandwood').

We just made a few big announcements about the bridge, and we wanted to be sure you were among the first to find out. First, we announced availability of an initial preview release of the technology to target Windows PCs running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Secondly, we announced that we are targeting fall for a full release, in conjunction with the update to Visual Studio 2015.

But the biggest announcement is that we are releasing the bridge as an open source project under the MIT license, and making it available on GitHub. We invite you to check out the project on GitHub and follow our progress as we work towards our fall release. The team is very excited to share the iOS bridge with you, and we hope you'll follow along with us.

For additional information, check out the detailed Windows Bridge for iOS blog post and be sure to check us out at GitHub.

Thank you,
The Windows Bridge for iOS Team
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