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Trying to learn how to port gnustep to hobby oses..

From: madscientist
Subject: Trying to learn how to port gnustep to hobby oses..
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2017 18:02:43 -0300
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i've been studing the files at the gnustep-back package, wich,as far as i could understand, it is the one wich makes it work with the rest of the underlying system.

That package, has header files that calls for things in X11 and other areas of the underlying os. Now, several non X11 unix like oses are in the internet, and they uses to have their own headers for the graphics lib. if i'm not missing something, i believe that the process to port it would be to create a folder with the x11 source files and other with the headers, and then carefully edit that ones replacing in the .h files the calls of the system i actually have.

Should i be right, does exist tools that could make the process of identifying the equivalnce between X11 and Linux files to another hobby os wich uses also glibc and some non x11 video system like wayland, appserver, mir, etc?

And also, apart from the gnustep back, do i have to edit any other header at gnustep-base and or make?

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