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Can Gnustep be run without runtime?

From: madscientist
Subject: Can Gnustep be run without runtime?
Date: Thu, 25 May 2017 20:55:01 -0300
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I've reading the source files of gnustep and i had learn that it's basically a chain of libraries declaring classes, selectors and other sort of objects.

Also i learnt that there're basically 2 kinds of libs: the ones wich work with the base system (base) and the ones that work with the graphics (gnustep gui), but always it seems to work "abstracted" of the main system by means of some sort of, let me call it "gnustep-machine" that does the real work.

If Gnustep is an Openstep-Like environement and Openstep was itself a kind of Nextstep api itself abstracted from the based system, hence being known as "openstep for mach", while Nextstep was "hardwired" to the underlying mach system and the DPS screen server..  is it still possible to take the libraries of gnustep and some necessary parts of the source to "hardwire" them into any specific os?

For example, can it be done that, if i have a button.h, menu.h, progressbar.h and other gui-elements.h in my base system, wriitten in c++, add their classes and methods between the gnustep-gui headers so Gworkspace instead of calling gnustep-gui and then gnustep-foundation, it draws directly on my native gui system?

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