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GSoC Project progress - week 1 of phase 3

From: Stjepan Brkić
Subject: GSoC Project progress - week 1 of phase 3
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2018 21:18:27 +0200


Its been some time since I last reported my progress with the project.
Reminder from the previous mail:
The goal of the project would be, in the end, to allow for automatic creation of CALayer tree that backs the existing NSView tree. This also covers
the creation and handling of CARenderer and OpenGL layers.

If the project successfully ends, we should have a framework that allows for complex, smooth animations that are hardware accelerated, while 
maintaining Cocoa compatibility.

Its only a couple of weeks before GSoC ends, and I'm slowly wrapping it up.
This week I've been mostly trying to draw the actual NSView contents into the attached CALayer.

Last week I had a proof that this is possible using the work  from previous phases - I’ve managed to draw some custom graphics into a CALayer, which is then drawn into a NSView-managed OpenGL context using a CARenderer.

You can read the report in more detail at this link. There are also a couple of previous reports on the blog as well.


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