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[gpsd-dev] test script for new functionality

From: tom
Subject: [gpsd-dev] test script for new functionality
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2017 17:05:46 +1000


this is the first time i am preparing a patch.

It will pickup HW-MON UBX messages from UBlox devices and forward the antenna status, so clients can start handling open/shorts of the antenna connection.

i have verified that it works
ran "scons check" - all good
have updated the gpsd_json.xml file with the extra value ( "ant" ) that is used

but i am now trying to write a test for just the ublox*.log files so i can emit a UBX packet.
so i can then write the matching .chk that validates the value in the "ant" field in the json.

The log files seem to be mostly NMEA log files, but i do see a bit of binary data at the top after the & sign.. is this where any raw UBX messages would go 

kind regards,

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