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Re: [gpsd-dev] gpsd Build Error "stdatomic.h" Not Found; Ubuntu 14.04 +

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] gpsd Build Error "stdatomic.h" Not Found; Ubuntu 14.04 + ARM Cortex A-15
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2018 13:09:53 -0700

Yo Gr!

> To answer a few of your questions in one swell foop, some choices are
> forced by nVidia. The Tegra Jetson Tk1 has custom drivers for the
> nVidia hardware, and nVidia does not support versions of Ubuntu later
> than 14.04 on this device. Also, the version of GCC provided by
> nVidia is 4.8, which is required to build some of the nVidia
> components.

Ouch.  I gave up on my Tk1 a long time ago.  Way too many problems with

> It's possible that my issue is related to the default gcc-4.8
> include directories being used rather than the gcc-6 includes.

There are two basic sets of include that gcc uses.  One in /usr/incude,
and another in a compiler/version specific directory.  Not a good idea
to mess with that.  Always use the matching directories.

In my case:


Which reminds me, I asked, and you did not answer, where is your

> I am
> looking into that now. UPDATE: Meh. It _was_ using cpp-4.8, and
> reading the 4.8 include directories. I fixed that, and still get the
> same error when using the gcc-6 include directories.

You are not specific about what you did, but you should never mix
compiler specific includes between compiler versions.

> I have attached the output of scons as gpsd_scons.log . Also, I have
> included more information than you probably want about the machine
> environment as Jetson_Tk1_info.txt.

Your compiler says it is C11, and C11 requires stdatomic.h

> With that in mind, I still have a bit of work to do; the INS we use
> is not mainstream, and has a proprietary binary format I will need to
> massage into the proper form.


> Then I will need to implement code in
> our existing INS server to feed properly formatted messages to gpsd
> as a TCP device . No rest for the wicked.

And the gpsd support for INS/IMU is not as mature as the GPS code.

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