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✘BeiDou and Galileo Almanacs and Ephemerides

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: ✘BeiDou and Galileo Almanacs and Ephemerides
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2021 19:52:02 -0700

Yo All!

This message is for the one or two gpsd users that are interested in
GNSS Subframes.  The rest of you can hit delete now.  :-)

gpsd now decodes the BeiDou and Galileo Almanacs and Ephemerides and
creates JSON messages with the data.  gpssubframe can read that data
and compute the corresponding satellite positions.

Much of the remaining subframe data, like Ionosphere corrections, remains
to be decoded.

The decoded and scaled data has been successfully compared to that from
httpsd://, but problems are sure to lurk in the dark corners.

Tested only with u-blox chips.

BeiDou, GPS and Galileo all use very similar paramters to define the
orbits.  GLONASS does its own thing...

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