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[Security] gpsd integration in oss-fuzz infrastructure

From: Arjun singh
Subject: [Security] gpsd integration in oss-fuzz infrastructure
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 14:07:44 +0530

Hello Gpsd Team,

I'm here after Mr. Gary E. Miller pulls out.

Can I talk to the management team of GPSD?
Regarding the oss-fuzz integration.
This was the official pull request, but now it's reverted.
The oss-fuzz team merged it due to some misunderstanding.

To integrate, the oss-fuzz team wants your word as an agreement that when bug reports are produced by clusterfuzz, you can fix them.

And to access the bug reports in clusterfuzz.
You need a GitHub account and a primary email ID for your GitHub account in Vender_CC (project.yaml) in PR.

Kind Regards,
Arjun (0x34d)

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