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[Gpse-wishes] job offer

From: Viktor Mlinsky, Protection Co
Subject: [Gpse-wishes] job offer
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 18:53:31 +0200

I am Viktor Mlinsky, the president of the Protection Co, nongovernmental international organization, created in 1994 in order to provide assistance to individuals and legal persons in the protection of environmental rights, to promote the development of the environment protection, environmental education, science and culture.

Protection Co. is based in Ukraine. Protection Co. has a lot of partners in Ukraine and abroad We have many sponsors and Maecenas around a world. Unfortunately we are currently facing some difficulties with receiving payments from them. It usually takes 10-30 days before a payment from your country is received and cleared. Such delays are harmful to our organization. Wire transfers involve various bureaucracy-related delays and complications, and international cashier's checks or money orders take up to two months to clear. That's why we are currently looking for partners in your country to help us accept and process these payments faster. If you are looking for a chance to make some additional income, you can become our representative in your country. As a representative of Protection Co, you will receive 8% commission of every deal we conduct. Your responsibilities will consist of receiving payments in the form of wire transfers and/or checks and forwarding them to us. It is a part-time job that you will be able to do from the convenience of your home without any interference with your primary job. We are also considering opening another office in your country in the near future and you will have certain privileges should you decide to apply for a full-time job with Protection Co. If you are interested in this position with our company, please contact me for more information via address@hidden
Be sure to include the following information about yourself:

1. Your Full Name as it appears on your resume.
2. Education.
3. Your Contact Address.
4. Telephone/Fax number.
5. Your present Occupation and Position currently held.
6.  Your Age

Please respond and we will provide you with additional details on how you can become our representative. There are no start-up or hidden costs for you. Your commission-based income will depend on how fast you can process the payments from our partners.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely, Viktor Mlinsky,
CEO Protection Co.

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