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[Gsl-shell-info] gsl-shell vs julia

From: john
Subject: [Gsl-shell-info] gsl-shell vs julia
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2014 12:59:21 -0400
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hello all,

just fyi... about a year ago i was playing around with comparing gsl-shell with julia and had posted some scripts here... hope that they would add gsl-shell to their benchmarks. well it looks like they will be adding it to their benchmarks, but the gsl-shell script they use may not be optimized (especially the latest version of gsl-shell). perhaps a more advanced user may want to take a look so that there is a good comparison of the languages??? i think the script they will be using is this...

i though i remember seeing a comparison of the two on the gsl-shell site somewhere but i can't find it anymore.


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